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Valentine’s Day 2015: The Do’s and Don’ts

February 5th, 2015

LoveIt’s that time of year again, your chance to show your significant other how much they mean to you. But Valentine’s Day can be one of the hardest holiday’s to shop for. You don’t want to go too overboard, but you also want something meaningful at the same time. Here’s some do’s and don’ts of Valentines Day’s gift shopping:

5 Don’ts

1) Nothing

No surprise here, if you forget to give your significant other anything at all, you’re in for a rough holiday. Don’t fall for the “you don’t have to get me anything” line either. Deep down, even if it’s a card with a meaningful note, they want something to show you care.

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Valentine’s Day 2014: 10 Ways to Surprise and Delight

February 3rd, 2014

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 50th, there’s always a lot of pressure come February 14th to make the day special. With a bit of planning and the element of surprise on your side, 2014 can be your best Valentine’s yet, and GiftZip is here to help!

  1. Turn your gift into a scavenger hunt by creating a series of clues that lead to all of your favorite places around town. No matter what the prize at the end of the adventure, the experience will be a fun and memorable one for you both.
  2. Investigate special events in your town for Valentines. Whether its art galleries, wine tastings, candlelit dinners, concerts, or anything else, your city probably has plenty to offer to make February 14th a special day.  » Read more: Valentine’s Day 2014: 10 Ways to Surprise and Delight

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