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5 Fun Projects to Do With Old Gift Cards

August 21st, 2012

There’s nothing worse than finding an old plastic gift card under your bed, in your closet, or tucked away in your wallet only to find out it already expired. Or, perhaps you used the remaining balance on your gift card, and now all you have left is a useless piece of plastic. Rather than chucking an innocent piece of plastic in the trash bin, repurpose your old gift cards, credit cards, and any other plastic cards into something useful and long-lasting.

Here are 5 great projects you can do:

Make a Picture Frame Mosaic

Picture Frame

A lot of times, plastic cards come in fun colors. Making a mosaic with them is as easy as cutting them up, gluing them to a frame, and waiting for it to dry.

Make a Painting

card painting

This project is especially great for kids. Old gift cards can be used to scrape paint across a surface and create cool patterns. If you’re in need of a cheap canvas, use old cardboard.

Make Jewelry

Take Credit Bracelet in Silver

Old gift cards certainly can make some flashy jewelry. If you need new earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, why pay store prices when you can make your own unique accessories right at home?

Make Guitar Picks

guitar picks

If you play guitar or know people that do, repurpose that old plastic gift card into a guitar pick or two.

Make Magnets

Does your fridge needs a little flair? Cut up gift cards, shape them how you want, and glue magnets on the back.

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Gift Cards For Many Mothers!

May 10th, 2012

These days it‘s hard to suggest gift cards to people on the internet without sounding like Twitter spam. However, Mother’s Day is approaching and let’s face it: many of you will be stuck wondering what to get her. Although some think gift cards are a copout or impersonal, by allowing mom to order online or go pick something out, you can ensure she gets something she really wants. In addition, a gift card that requires physical travel to redeem means you and her can make a day out of it! But, in that case more choices must be made: where should the gift card be from?

The answer is easy. Finding the right gift card just means picking out her passion:

The Interior Decorator

Does mom love wall hangings, trinkets, and pillows? Does she love shopping for new mirrors and figures to place on shelves? If so, a gift card to Pottery Barn,, or World Market would be perfect. From baskets to vases to wine racks, they have all sorts of products to suit home design needs.

The Shoe-a-Holic

By nature, most women love shoes, unless your mom paints the town red barefoot. And in that case, a gift card for some footware is pressing. Zappos and Shoebuy are great places to buy affordable, quality shoes. Are online shoe pictures not convincing enough? Zappos also offers videos of women modeling the shoes for sale.

The Crafter

If mom is a DIY kind of lady, there are gift cards to match every hobby from painting to sewing. With gift cards for,,, or Blick Art Materials, you can find something that suits her interests.

The Gardener

Mother’s Day falls during a month of nice weather. If flowers, plants, or crops are what you see in mom’s backyard, it follows to present her with a gift card from, or Gardener’s Supply Company. Who knows, you may even find yourself out working with her.

The Beverage Gal

Most need a hot cup of coffee or tea, both when they wake up in the morning and get home from work at night. Coffee and tea can be bought online with gifts cards from The Tea Emporium or Coffee For Less. If mom loves a drink every so often, she is sure to love a Berkely Wine Company gift card as well.

The Busy Bee

Does mom work hard and not set enough time aside to relax? Treat her with a trip to the spa with a Spa Week or SpaFinder. Better yet, enter our own Spa-tacular Mom Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Spa Week gift card! If you’re in need of a little R&R yourself, why not buy an additional eGift card so you can go together?

Whether the gift card is redeemable on or offline, let mom choose what she wants. Use the opportunity to help her pick something out or enjoy her hobby with her. Go in the garden, learn to sew, or try her favorite tea. She’ll love it.

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About is a portal to the web's eGift cards promoting greener gift giving and reducing the use of wasteful plastic.