5 Ways to Give the Gift of Summer

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summer funSummer is more than just a season; summer is about experiences- enjoying outdoor concerts, road trips, vacations to new and exciting places, and the great outdoors. When it comes to summer gift giving occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, you have the opportunity to give these experiences to your friends and loved ones. Here are 5 great choices to give the gift of an unforgettable summer experience.

1.       Outdoor Fun

Many of summer’s priceless moments come from enjoying the great outdoors. The warm weather creates endless opportunities for camping, fishing, sports, and more. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves days at the lake or weekends in the wilderness, there’s no better choice than an outdoor themed present. Check out our selection of outdoor sporting gift cards and find the perfect outdoor retailer for your gift giving occasion.

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The History of Father’s Day

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vintage dadWould you believe that the idea of Father’s Day was introduced by a woman? It’s true! Spurred on by the success of Mother’s Day, many people felt it was only fair to create similar holidays for other family members of influence, and Father’s Day seemed most likely to catch on. While other people in the U.S. promoted the idea of Father’s Day before it was well-established, a female named Sonora Dodd is credited for the holiday as we know it today due to her enthusiasm and persistence in making it a nationwide celebration.

Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated the first Father’s Day at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910 in honor of her father and Civil War veteran, William Smart. Smart was a quiet man who was left a widower when his wife died in labor giving birth to their sixth child. Smart went on to raise his six children alone on their small farm in Washington. Grateful for all the hard work and care he showed to her and her siblings, Sonora wanted to pay tribute to her father and others like him with a special day. After hearing about Mother’s Day a year earlier, she recommended a similar holiday celebrating fathers to her pastor. She initially suggested June 5th, her dad’s birthday, but the church did not have adequate time to plan their sermons. Consequently, the celebration was deferred to the third Sunday of June.

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Finding the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Card

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mother's day

Attention indecisive people, procrastinators, and busy bees: You’re running out of time to get the mothers in your life the perfect gift card! Finding a personalized gift doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes a little extra time and critical thinking. Rather than picking up a last-minute bouquet of flowers, or taking her to the same restaurant as last year, let her know how much you care by choosing a gift card that shows you took her unique interests and preferences into consideration. The key to giving the best gift is really tailoring it to the recipient as an individual. Below are three important questions that will help you narrow down your search.

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Online Gift Card Repurchasing: Reliable or Not?

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gift cardMost people buy gift cards for others with the mentality the recipient will be able to find something they like – but unfortunately that optimistic perspective isn’t always reality. Plenty of people receive gift cards they know they won’t use or flat out don’t want, but don’t know what do with them. While asking friends and family if they’re interested in purchasing an unwanted card is an option, a number of websites offer gift card purchasing and reselling services.

How it Works

Sellers: Say you’ve won a $100 Cabela’s gift card from a drawing at work, but you don’t like Cabela’s and/or don’t live near one. Although you could spend time browsing their online selection, you’d rather have money instead. So, you find a gift card buyback site. They might offer you $80 or $90 for the card, so you decide to send it in and you get a check in return. Note that most sites require sold gift cards to be worth at least $25. Some sites even offer Amazon credit or let you trade your gift card in for another one.

Buyers: You’re looking to save some extra money on purchases and heard about gift card resell websites. You decide to check one out and notice you can get a KMart gift card for 10% off retail price, which essentially is the same thing as saving 10% at the store – only the gift card is treated as cash, so you can use other coupons on top of that for even more savings. You purchase it and wait for the plastic gift card to come in the mail or the eGift card code to come to your email inbox.

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Valentine’s Day 2013: 5 Gift Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

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Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and maybe you’ve got “pick up flowers and a card” on this week’s to-do list, but you don’t want to wait until the last minute to pick our something special for your date. In addition, although everyone likes gifts, it’s much more rewarding and appreciated when you take the time to put together something meaningful instead of just purchasing a stereotypical gift because you feel you had to.

Although some think gift cards are too impersonal, there are ways to make them special – it just takes a little effort and framing. In fact, one of the best gifts is the gift of choice, especially if you’re the one who tends to make plans. Instead of plopping a gift certificate in a card and just writing your name on the inside, take the time to write your Valentine a special message. This could be emphasizing how your gift was based on the desire to do something together, and you’re giving them the opportunity to choose the outing. The best part about e-gift cards is there’s little to no wait time for delivery, as they are usually emailed within a few hours.

Since your sweethearts probably have varying tastes, we’ve got various gift ideas to choose from. If you really want to make a good impression and purchase something that will help build your relationship, here are our suggestions:

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How To Win Free Amazon Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards Using Google Alerts

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Who doesn’t like free stuff? Whether it’s free stuff your Aunt Tess decides to unload on you from her attic or if it’s actually something you want, getting free stuff has a certain charm to it.

Winning a gift card from Amazon pretty much gives you access to buy anything you want in the world (there are people who get toilet paper off of Amazon, no joke). If you have ears you’ll probably also agree that an iTunes gift card can be a pretty fantastic thing. So now that we’ve agreed that getting this free stuff is good, how does one go about getting it?

Disclaimer: It won’t cost you money, but it will cost you a little time.

Every day bloggers and websites giveaway tens of hundreds of free things. Many of them require little to no effort to enter their contests. So what if you took a few minutes each day or each week and entered a bunch of giveaways for these highly desirable items? Chances are that you’d win some pretty nice prizes if you put some time in.
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Congratulations to Our Contest Winners!

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Both our contests are now over and now it’s time to announce the winners.

The $250 prize for the most video votes goes to Video 3!

And for concrete proof, here is a screen shot of the video votes at the contest deadline:

GiftZip contest

As for the $25 Fandango gift card, we assigned all the commenters a number and chose randomly from the entries. The winner of that prize is Erin!

Congratulations to the winners (we will be contacting you soon) and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!

We wish you all Happy Holidays, and we hope you think of GiftZip if you need a gift at the last minute or something for that ‘hard to buy for’ person on your gift list.


Tell Us About Your Favorite Commercial and Win a $25 Fandango Gift Card!

November 20th, 2012 by GiftZip.com 2 comments »

That’s right. Along with the second round of our contest, we are offering YOU a chance to win a $25 Fandango gift card. So what do you have to do? Don’t worry – it’s easy – just tell us about your favorite GiftZip commercial and you’re entered!


Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Pick Your Favorite GiftZip Commercial post.

2. View the videos.

3. Vote for your favorite video.

4. Leave us a comment on that post about what video you chose and why – and be creative! Be sure to leave a valid email so we know how to contact you if you win. Any comments left on this post will not be counted.

UPDATE: If your comment doesn’t post right away after you click “submit,” don’t worry! We have a spam filter and must approve all comments before they will show up. If you posted a comment and you don’t see it up after 48 hours (or 72 on weekends) tweet @GiftZip.

Fine Print:

-Must be a U.S. Citizen, age 18 or older

-The deadline for voting/commenting is 12pm EST on Dec. 12th, 2012.

-One entry allowed per person

Pick Your Favorite GiftZip Commercial

November 14th, 2012 by GiftZip.com 22 comments »

Recently GiftZip had a contest where we asked our fans to whip up a commercial explaining the benefits of GiftZip e gift cards and we received a whole bunch of amazing work. Picking a winner was so tough, our judges mulled over the winner for hours. But picking one winner didn’t seem entirely fair considering how good the submissions were, so we thought we’d offer another chance to win. This time, we’re opening the voting to the public. The winner of this round of the competition will receive a $250 gift card to the GiftZip retailer of their choice. So watch all of the entries below and vote on your favorite!

Votes will be counted until 12pm EST on Dec. 12th

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Vote here

Our first voting mechanism had some difficulties, so we will be using this one. You are able to vote once per video.

Rules and such

  • It’s simple really – don’t cheat. We retain the right to disqualify entrants for any behavior we deem to be misleading, fraudulent, offensive, or in violation of contest rules.
  • We will select one winner, announced on Dec. 21st, once you’ve been notified, just tell us which GiftZip retailer you’d like a $250 gift card for and we’ll get it to you ASAP.

Congratulations To Our Video Contest Winner

November 5th, 2012 by GiftZip.com No comments »

The entries were received and the winner has been chosen in our GiftZip video contest. We received several excellent entries, but there could be only one winner of the $500 gift card reward, and that winning video can be seen below:

More chances to win coming soon!

Stay tuned, our contestants will be having another chance to win soon…so check back over the next couple of weeks to see the other amazing entries so you can compare your favorite with our judges.