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Valentine’s Day 2014: 10 Ways to Surprise and Delight

February 3rd, 2014

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 50th, there’s always a lot of pressure come February 14th to make the day special. With a bit of planning and the element of surprise on your side, 2014 can be your best Valentine’s yet, and GiftZip is here to help!

  1. Turn your gift into a scavenger hunt by creating a series of clues that lead to all of your favorite places around town. No matter what the prize at the end of the adventure, the experience will be a fun and memorable one for you both.
  2. Investigate special events in your town for Valentines. Whether its art galleries, wine tastings, candlelit dinners, concerts, or anything else, your city probably has plenty to offer to make February 14th a special day.  » Read more: Valentine’s Day 2014: 10 Ways to Surprise and Delight

About Katie Erbach

Katie is GiftZip's newest team member. She currently lives in Chicago with her fiance, Jim. Katie's passions include blogging, hiking, reading (but nothing sad), listening to music, and baking anything with chocolate in it!

Congratulations To Our Video Contest Winner

November 5th, 2012

The entries were received and the winner has been chosen in our GiftZip video contest. We received several excellent entries, but there could be only one winner of the $500 gift card reward, and that winning video can be seen below:

More chances to win coming soon!

Stay tuned, our contestants will be having another chance to win soon…so check back over the next couple of weeks to see the other amazing entries so you can compare your favorite with our judges.

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Enter Our GiftZip Video Contest For a Chance at 500 Dollars in Gift Cards!

October 17th, 2012

You’re here, so there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about us, but you might have some questions…Who are we? What do we do? What do we offer? Why should anyone use GiftZip? We’re asking YOU to help us tell our story!

Need a cheat sheet? Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves: is simple, fast, and completely free. We are a one stop shop for finding a last minute gift or as a more efficient way of sending or gifting eGift Cards. No catches, no hidden fees — just here to save you time and energy on your shopping list without leaving the comfort of your home.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

Create an entertaining commercial that’s less than 1 minute showcasing GiftZip and our service. Your videos should be focused on the advantages of using GiftZip, how quick and easy it is, the selection of our retailers, etc. For more information on how GiftZip works, visit our website.

We created a video of our own to show you an example of what we’re looking for, which you can check out below. And remember, we never said we were great at acting…

Rules and Eligibility

  • Submit a video in response to ours on the GiftZipTube YouTube Channel that is no longer than 1 minute that helps answer the question, “Why use GiftZip?”
  • The target time is 45 seconds to 1 minute. Videos that exceed 1 minute will not be eligible to win.
  • Upload the video to YouTube and tag the video “Why GiftZip?” so we’ll be sure to see it. You can also send us a link via Twitter, @GiftZip
  • You must be 18 years or older to win. We ask that the video remains free of vulgar language. All videos not suitable for all ages will be disqualified.
  • All videos must be submitted by 12:00pm on October 31st, 2012. .
  • A panel of GiftZip employees will select a winner to be announced on November 2nd, 2012.
  • Winning video will be judged on creativity, message and “convinciblity.”
  • The winning video will receive $500.00 in a gift card of your choice from

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Gift Cards: That’s Some Heavy Spending! (Infographic)

October 8th, 2012

Gift Card Weight Infographic (thumbnail)A single gift card is hardly noticeable when held in the hand or carried in the pocket.  Collectively, however, the 200 million gift cards sold annually in the United States add up to quite a hefty weight.  Check out this infographic to see just exactly what 200 million plastic gift cards could “buy” you if they were exchanged on weight alone. » Read more: Gift Cards: That’s Some Heavy Spending! (Infographic)

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Why GiftZip?

September 26th, 2012

It’s quite obvious we love gift cards. They’re convenient, easy to use, and one of the best presents to give and receive. We looked to our friends at the following gift card sites that offer great services such as trading gift cards, buying them for discounted prices and selling them back for cash. We like their style, we really do. But with GiftZip, we deliver your eGift Card instantaneously via email. So when you realize your competitive coworker bought your boss a fruit basket for his birthday, you can one-up them in a matter of minutes by emailing him or her a gift card for nearly any amount to one of over 290 retailers. Check out what these other sites have to offer:

Gift Card Granny: This site is a great source for finding gift cards for your favorite retailers and restaurants at a discount price. Need a gift, but not sure what to get? Did your mom buy you a gift card to a clothing store you no longer like, but are too afraid to tell her? Gift Card Granny allows you to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash or purchase a gift card at discounted prices. Sounds perfect! Though great for the aforementioned circumstances, because Gift Card Granny is simply a hub for gift cards for sale, you might have to head over to eBay and auction with other deal hunters. If you’re in a hurry, it’s definitely not a time saver. In addition, unlike eGift Cards sold at GiftZip, a majority of the cards for sale are plastic. That means having to wait a few days for the card to come in the mail. Definitely not ideal for that last minute gift.

iCARD: Extremely similar to GiftZip, iCARD allows the gift giver to send an electronic certificate to the recipient to one of their many retailers OR to the website in general. That certificate has a code which can be entered on the website and the amount gifted can be spent at any of the retailers iCARD is affiliated with. That way, the gift recipient has a designated amount and can pick out which retailer she’d like to spend it at themselves. Though a great idea for last minute gifts, we found this process to be similar to giving cash. If you think that your friend, family remember, or coworker is better off picking something out themselves, but you haven’t a clue what store they’d be interested in, wouldn’t an envelope of cash be just as useful?

Gift Card Rescue: Similar to iCARD, Gift Card Rescue allows you to sell your unwanted or unused gift cards. They will provide you offers indicating how much they will pay for the card. Simply choose the exchange offer and complete the transaction. You must then mail them the gift card, wait for them to receive it, verify the amount, and then you’ll get your cash. The problem? They only accept plastic gift cards. And plus, it doesn’t help you out when you’re in need of a gift within a matter of minutes or hours!

Cardpool: Another Buy/Sell gift card site. Cardpool connects all the gift card holders around the world to create a trading post, if you will, where you can buy, sell, or trade gift cards. You’ll get what you want, whether it’s a discounted gift card (up to 35%), an exchange for a different card than you currently own, or a cash exchange (up to 92% of face value). The selection of retailers is extensive, however often out of stock. When you have to wait for a gift card that you want to become available, it defeats the purpose of a last minute gift.

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Amazon Gift Card Giveaways Roundup

September 5th, 2012

Current Amazon Gift Card Giveaways

One of our favorite eGift cards is the Amazon gift card. We all know someone who is incredibly picky when it comes to receiving gifts. Heck, that person might even be you! offers everything imaginable to choose from — a great source for books, electronics, home decor and apparel.

We’ve searched the web and compiled a list of websites and blogs that are giving away Amazon gift cards. The amounts vary for each giveaway. Some may also be included in a greater prize package. Check them out below and see if you’re eligible to win any. These giveaways are in no way affiliated with Gift Zip, and are all independent from one another. We simply compiled a list of bloggers that are running giveaways at this time. Feel free to enter just one, none, or all! Good luck!

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (September Giveaway Week 1)

Passion Creek $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Freebies2Deals Email Subscription Giveaway

$200 Amazon Giveaway Sponsored by Instant Bucks

Adios August $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

‘God Loves You’ Blast + $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Mega Give Card Giveaway (Winner’s Choice)

Twilight Fansite Giveaway

Giveaway: Enter to Win Publix, Starbucks, Amazon, or Kohls Gift Cards

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Alyssa’s Top 5 Picks: PotteryBarn

August 8th, 2012

When it comes to shopping around for furniture and home décor, few stores are as mesmerizing as PotteryBarn. As soon as you walk into their stores or begin to browse the online selection, you’ll notice the products are quality and luxurious. Part of PotteryBarn’s allure is their unique setups and decorations. I remember walking into a store somewhat recently and being amazed by the flawless, white couches, intricate home accessories, and contemporary styles with a subtle vintage touch.


I know, I know…white furniture tends to get dirty the fastest, but I just couldn’t pry myself away from this armchair’s web page once I saw it. It’s such a cute yet sophisticated design and it looks so soft and clean. I imagine myself returning home after a long day and plopping down in it to watch Netflix and do some crafts. It’s so inviting and perfect. A+, PotteryBarn.


I think we can all agree that a good staple to have in every room is a clock. They’re classy, easy to find, and hey, it never hurts to know what time it is. I especially like these ones because I love pocket watches and they’re simple enough to match the décor in any room. I love how they sit on easels, too (that would be my choice, rather than the wall).


Okay, I’ll admit it – I am a big lover of all things animal print. Shoes, sheets, cell phone cases, etc.; if they come in animal print, I have to have it. Naturally, I had to see what PotteryBarn had to offer when I searched “zebra,” and I came across this beautiful rug. They’re made of pure wool and come in a variety of sizes. This would be my #1 choice for a rug, although their red Bird Medallion Rug also caught my eye.


When it comes to decorating a room, I like all sorts of objects. However, despite my dislike of being dragged around to antique shops when I was a kid, I have acquired a love for antiques and vintage-looking items over the years. Some of my favorite items are lanterns. They make great indoor and outdoor accessories and have such timeless, elegant appearances. I am in love with this set – especially the grey color.


There aren’t many days (and in fact, probably not any) where I don’t look in a floor mirror before I leave the house. I have to check every angle and make sure my outfit and accessories are in order before I hop in my car or start my walk. I love the fact that this one pivots on the stand (a lot more smooth than propping the mirror up against something so it doesn’t fall) and it’s got a rounded top instead of a square one. I’d love to have this in my room.

If you have a minute or two to browse PotteryBarn’s online selection or visit a store, you won’t be disappointed. Even if an expensive sofa or dinnerware collection isn’t in your budget, it’s still fun to browse. Better yet, if you still don’t know what to ask for your birthday or Christmas, a PotteryBarn eGift Card is always a great option. If you don’t have a store nearby or would rather browse online, the nice thing is that the online selection is bigger than what’s in stores.

Alyssa Zandi is a blogger for GiftZip.

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Summer Fashion Faux Pas Sweepstakes: Win a $50 eGift Card from!

July 23rd, 2012

It’s nearing the end of July, but the summer weather is here to stay for quite a bit longer, so it seems. We’ve seen some interesting fashion choices these last few months and we’re sure you have too. We want to know what summer fashion blunder really makes you cringe. Socks with sandals? Oversized cowboy hats? Go ahead and vent, because doing so could win you a $50 eGift Card of your choice!  For examples, take a look at our own list.

How To Enter

  • Like on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter:
  • Follow the steps outlined on how to submit your summer fashion on Twitter or the GiftZip blog.
  • Describe what summer fashion trend bugs you the most in 140 characters or less via Twitter or the GiftZip Blog
    • To tweet to enter, mention @GiftZip within your rant.
    • To use the GiftZip blog to enter, comment on the this blog post in 140 characters or less.
  • Individuals may submit one (1) entry per day. Your message can be different each entry, so be creative!
  • Describing the summer fashion trend in words only gets you submitted once, while attaching an image (your own or one found on the web) gets you submitted twice!


  • The winner that will be picked at random will receive a $50 eGift Card to one of the retailers found on the Gift Zip site!
  • Prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash.

Eligibility Entrants must:

  • Be 13 years of age or older
  • Be a Legal U.S. citizen
  • Enter before August 5th, 2012 at 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • Adhere to all rules regarding entry process

Entries must:

  • Be 140 characters or less.
  • Be appropriate for all ages and free of profanity (We maintain the right to disqualify entries we deem inappropriate).

Winner Selection

  • The winner will be selected at random and announced on Monday, August 6th, 2012

Fine Print

  • We retain the right to disqualify entrants for any behavior we deem to be misleading, fraudulent, offensive, or in violation of contest rules.
  • This is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter.
  • By entering, participants are providing information to and not to Facebook.
  • By submitting an entry, participants are releasing the rights to their entries to be used for advertising purposes, on social media outlets, and the website.
  • For questions regarding this promotion, please submit queries on our Facebook page and they will be responded to in a timely manner.
  • Photo credit: via Flickr

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2012 Summer Must-Have…Nots

July 11th, 2012

Summer is already in full swing, and we know you’re just itching to know what the hottest clothing trends are for this sunny season so far. Well, we can’t tell you that, but what we can tell you are some of the major summer FAILS. Get ready.

1. Gigantic Foam Cowboy Hats

Let’s face it, whether they’ve been spotted at carnivals, concerts, or parties, you’ve seen these. They’re obnoxious, but in the event that you do spot someone wearing one, take advantage of the shade provided by the large obnoxious brim. Your skin will thank you.

2. American Flag Shorts

It’s fine to be patriotic, but the shorts are taking it a little too far. ‘Merica.

3. Socks and Sandals

This one always has to be repeated. Being a shoobie is not in style. If you want to wear socks, wear shoes. If you want to wear sandals or your flippy floppies, bare feet. Unless you’re a hippie from Portland. Then it’s okay.

4. Jorts

If you’re a girl, jean shorts are okay. If you’re a man, then no. Just no.

5. Shutter Shades

Not only are they for “bros,” sans lenses, do they even protect your eyes? Probably not. Spare your corneas from being burned to oblivion and buy a real pair of sunglasses.

6. Fast Food Shirts

Again, we are forced to say no. Just no.

7. Crocs

Unless you’re gardening, wading in the water, working in the ER, or something else (even we can’t think of another appropriate occasion), you don’t need crocs. “But they’re comfy.” We’re sure they are, but they also are hideous for everyday wear.

8. UGGs and Shorts/Skirts

We like UGGs. They are comfortable. And warm. And appropriate to wear. WHEN IT’S COLD. Unless you surf, put them away when the snow melts.

9. Bathing Suits in Inappropriate Places

Unless you want to end up on People of Walmart, no one wants to see the goods at the grocery store.

10. Ice Cream All Over

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! We do, really. But if you’re gonna eat it, eat it quick, ‘cause wearing it is not attractive.

11. Crazy Tan Lines/Being Too Tan

Regardless of what you choose to wear this summer, remember the importance of sunscreen. There’s nothing less cool than looking like leather at the age of 30. Sure, everyone loves a healthy summer glow, but there’s a line between bronze and baked.

Photo Credits:

1. Flickr user esteban
2. Flickr user Tricia Wang
3. Flickr user Caro’s Lines
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5. Flickr user Viernest
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9. People of Walmart
10. Flickr user acornchief
11. Flickr user emoneytg

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Gift Cards For Many Mothers!

May 10th, 2012

These days it‘s hard to suggest gift cards to people on the internet without sounding like Twitter spam. However, Mother’s Day is approaching and let’s face it: many of you will be stuck wondering what to get her. Although some think gift cards are a copout or impersonal, by allowing mom to order online or go pick something out, you can ensure she gets something she really wants. In addition, a gift card that requires physical travel to redeem means you and her can make a day out of it! But, in that case more choices must be made: where should the gift card be from?

The answer is easy. Finding the right gift card just means picking out her passion:

The Interior Decorator

Does mom love wall hangings, trinkets, and pillows? Does she love shopping for new mirrors and figures to place on shelves? If so, a gift card to Pottery Barn,, or World Market would be perfect. From baskets to vases to wine racks, they have all sorts of products to suit home design needs.

The Shoe-a-Holic

By nature, most women love shoes, unless your mom paints the town red barefoot. And in that case, a gift card for some footware is pressing. Zappos and Shoebuy are great places to buy affordable, quality shoes. Are online shoe pictures not convincing enough? Zappos also offers videos of women modeling the shoes for sale.

The Crafter

If mom is a DIY kind of lady, there are gift cards to match every hobby from painting to sewing. With gift cards for,,, or Blick Art Materials, you can find something that suits her interests.

The Gardener

Mother’s Day falls during a month of nice weather. If flowers, plants, or crops are what you see in mom’s backyard, it follows to present her with a gift card from, or Gardener’s Supply Company. Who knows, you may even find yourself out working with her.

The Beverage Gal

Most need a hot cup of coffee or tea, both when they wake up in the morning and get home from work at night. Coffee and tea can be bought online with gifts cards from The Tea Emporium or Coffee For Less. If mom loves a drink every so often, she is sure to love a Berkely Wine Company gift card as well.

The Busy Bee

Does mom work hard and not set enough time aside to relax? Treat her with a trip to the spa with a Spa Week or SpaFinder. Better yet, enter our own Spa-tacular Mom Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 Spa Week gift card! If you’re in need of a little R&R yourself, why not buy an additional eGift card so you can go together?

Whether the gift card is redeemable on or offline, let mom choose what she wants. Use the opportunity to help her pick something out or enjoy her hobby with her. Go in the garden, learn to sew, or try her favorite tea. She’ll love it.

Photo Credit: Gift CardsRoom Decor, ShoesButton Craft, Garden, Wine, Massage

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