10 Easy Ways to GO GREEN for Earth Day!

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For 44 years, Americans have banded together on April 22nd to do something kind for the planet we call home. Earth Day is an important reminder that each one of us has the power and the responsibility to help save our environment, and to leave behind a safe place for future generations. This April, what will you do to help the environment? Whether it’s something large or something small, every step counts toward making our planet better.

1. Clean Green

Combine Earth Day and spring cleaning by finding recipes for eco-friendly cleaning products you can make yourself out of common household ingredients. Ridding your home of harmful chemicals is good for the planet and your wallet!

2. Plant a Tree

You don’t have to wait until Arbor Day (April 27th) to plant a tree. Trees help fight global warming by taking in CO2, as well as creating a habitat for birds and other creatures. Choose a fruit bearing tree for a yummy reminder each year of your contribution to the planet.

3. Take a Selfie

Be a part of NASA’s ‘Global Selfie’ event to raise awareness for climate change. NASA is creating a mosaic image of the earth using photos of people in their natural environments, and you can be a part of it.

4. Eat Clean

Celebrate Earth Day with an organic, vegetarian meal made from locally grown produce. Better yet, eat from your own vegetable garden!

5. Stay Parked

If possible, keep the car in the garage and walk or bike for your daily activities on Earth Day. If you need to use the car, try to carpool and make all of your stops in one trip.

6. Unplug

Even if electronics and chargers aren’t in use, they are still using electricity if they are plugged into sockets. Turn off any lights in rooms that are unoccupied and unplug chargers and devices for energy savings.

7. Compost

Set up a compost pile to recycle organic waste and save space in landfills. Plus, compost makes a great fertilizer for your vegetable garden!

8. Swap Bulbs

Switch your regular lightbulbs for compact fluorescent ones, which use significantly less energy and last far longer than ordinary lightbulbs. Plus, swapping each light will save an estimated $30 over the bulb’s lifetime.

9. Drink Smart

Buy a reusable plastic (BPA free!) water bottle and pledge to stop buying disposable plastic water bottles.

10. Give Green

Cut down on plastic waste by switching to e-gift cards from GiftZip.com. It’s a smart, easy, and convenient alternative to regular gift cards that shows your friends and family you care about them and the earth!

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