GiftZip Predicts: Top Pop Culture Costumes for Halloween 2013

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The leaves are changing colors, the air is turning brisk, and Halloween is just around the corner- Fall is here! If you love the spooky holiday as much as we do, you’re probably already thinking about what costume to wear on October 31st. Whether you’re trick-or-treating, celebrating at parties with friends and family, or staying at home to spook the neighborhood kids and pass out candy, Halloween is a great time to indulge your fantasies and have a little fun!

So what will be the top Halloween costumes this year? We’re predicting plenty of pop culture references mixed with classic Halloween costumes that are popular every year! Here are our top eight costumes for 2013. Want to try one of these creative pop culture costumes out for yourself, or encourage someone else to do the same? Find everything you need from the Halloween shops at AmazonWalmart, K-MartMeijer, and more of the great retailers partnered with!

1. Game of Thrones

You can be sure that there will be plenty of Daenerys Targaryens out this Halloween! Whether it’s the khaleesi, a Lannister, a dragon, or even one of the Stark direwolves, the possibilities are endless with Game of Thrones. The gorgeous costumery from the TV series will certainly inspire many to spend Halloween in this alternate universe.

2. Gatsby and Flappers

The 1920s is always a great era to dress up for, but with The Great Gatsby’s success this year you’re sure to see more flappers on the street than usual. Ladies and gents can both get into the Roaring 20s spirit by visiting the thrift shop or the costume store for dapper garb that fits the time period.

3. Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana

This girl just can’t seem to stay out of the press, and we’re betting there will be plenty of wannabe Mileys out this year. You can buy a Miley Cyrus outfit, or you can DIY with a nude leotard, teddy bear, foam finger, and any of the other accessories Miley has been sporting lately. Even better, go back in time to the Hannah Montana days for your costume and don a blonde wig along with your favorite pre-teen outfit.

4. Robin Thicke 

The natural counterpart to the Miley Cyrus trend this Halloween, Robin Thicke is an easy costume for men, especially if you have an old Beetlejuice costume lying around!

5. Breaking Bad’s Walter and Jesse

Breaking Bad fans are feeling the pain from the series finale, and dressing up as their favorite characters will surely remedy that! Costumes are available to purchase, but this is one that’s easy to do yourself. For Walter White, just don a bald cap (or shave your head) and throw on some glasses and a white button down (pants optional). Jesse’s laid-back look is equally easy to emulate, making this a perfect costume to do with a friend.

6. Government Shutdown

Everybody loves a bit of political satire on Halloween, and this is the perfect costume to follow up last year’s many binders full of women. Dress up as Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty and hang a “Closed for Business” sign around your neck, and you’re ready to go!

7. Duck Dynasty

If you’re already rocking a long beard then you’re one step ahead for this hilarious costume. All you need is a beard, some flannel, a hat and some one-liners to make this costume a big hit.

8.  Royal Baby

Whether you think of the future Prince of England or North West as the royal baby, either way there will be plenty of attention on the most famous infants of 2013 this year! We’re sure to see plenty of couples dressed as Will and Kate or Kim and Kanye for Halloween this year.


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