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Valentine’s Day 2013: 5 Gift Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

February 11th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and maybe you’ve got “pick up flowers and a card” on this week’s to-do list, but you don’t want to wait until the last minute to pick our something special for your date. In addition, although everyone likes gifts, it’s much more rewarding and appreciated when you take the time to put together something meaningful instead of just purchasing a stereotypical gift because you feel you had to.

Although some think gift cards are too impersonal, there are ways to make them special – it just takes a little effort and framing. In fact, one of the best gifts is the gift of choice, especially if you’re the one who tends to make plans. Instead of plopping a gift certificate in a card and just writing your name on the inside, take the time to write your Valentine a special message. This could be emphasizing how your gift was based on the desire to do something together, and you’re giving them the opportunity to choose the outing.┬áThe best part about e-gift cards is there’s little to no wait time for delivery, as they are usually emailed within a few hours.

Since your sweethearts probably have varying tastes, we’ve got various gift ideas to choose from. If you really want to make a good impression and purchase something that will help build your relationship, here are our suggestions:

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