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5 Fun Projects to Do With Old Gift Cards

August 21st, 2012

There’s nothing worse than finding an old plastic gift card under your bed, in your closet, or tucked away in your wallet only to find out it already expired. Or, perhaps you used the remaining balance on your gift card, and now all you have left is a useless piece of plastic. Rather than chucking an innocent piece of plastic in the trash bin, repurpose your old gift cards, credit cards, and any other plastic cards into something useful and long-lasting.

Here are 5 great projects you can do:

Make a Picture Frame Mosaic

Picture Frame

A lot of times, plastic cards come in fun colors. Making a mosaic with them is as easy as cutting them up, gluing them to a frame, and waiting for it to dry.

Make a Painting

card painting

This project is especially great for kids. Old gift cards can be used to scrape paint across a surface and create cool patterns. If you’re in need of a cheap canvas, use old cardboard.

Make Jewelry

Take Credit Bracelet in Silver

Old gift cards certainly can make some flashy jewelry. If you need new earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, why pay store prices when you can make your own unique accessories right at home?

Make Guitar Picks

guitar picks

If you play guitar or know people that do, repurpose that old plastic gift card into a guitar pick or two.

Make Magnets

Does your fridge needs a little flair? Cut up gift cards, shape them how you want, and glue magnets on the back.

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Alyssa’s Top 5 Picks: PotteryBarn

August 8th, 2012

When it comes to shopping around for furniture and home décor, few stores are as mesmerizing as PotteryBarn. As soon as you walk into their stores or begin to browse the online selection, you’ll notice the products are quality and luxurious. Part of PotteryBarn’s allure is their unique setups and decorations. I remember walking into a store somewhat recently and being amazed by the flawless, white couches, intricate home accessories, and contemporary styles with a subtle vintage touch.


I know, I know…white furniture tends to get dirty the fastest, but I just couldn’t pry myself away from this armchair’s web page once I saw it. It’s such a cute yet sophisticated design and it looks so soft and clean. I imagine myself returning home after a long day and plopping down in it to watch Netflix and do some crafts. It’s so inviting and perfect. A+, PotteryBarn.


I think we can all agree that a good staple to have in every room is a clock. They’re classy, easy to find, and hey, it never hurts to know what time it is. I especially like these ones because I love pocket watches and they’re simple enough to match the décor in any room. I love how they sit on easels, too (that would be my choice, rather than the wall).


Okay, I’ll admit it – I am a big lover of all things animal print. Shoes, sheets, cell phone cases, etc.; if they come in animal print, I have to have it. Naturally, I had to see what PotteryBarn had to offer when I searched “zebra,” and I came across this beautiful rug. They’re made of pure wool and come in a variety of sizes. This would be my #1 choice for a rug, although their red Bird Medallion Rug also caught my eye.


When it comes to decorating a room, I like all sorts of objects. However, despite my dislike of being dragged around to antique shops when I was a kid, I have acquired a love for antiques and vintage-looking items over the years. Some of my favorite items are lanterns. They make great indoor and outdoor accessories and have such timeless, elegant appearances. I am in love with this set – especially the grey color.


There aren’t many days (and in fact, probably not any) where I don’t look in a floor mirror before I leave the house. I have to check every angle and make sure my outfit and accessories are in order before I hop in my car or start my walk. I love the fact that this one pivots on the stand (a lot more smooth than propping the mirror up against something so it doesn’t fall) and it’s got a rounded top instead of a square one. I’d love to have this in my room.

If you have a minute or two to browse PotteryBarn’s online selection or visit a store, you won’t be disappointed. Even if an expensive sofa or dinnerware collection isn’t in your budget, it’s still fun to browse. Better yet, if you still don’t know what to ask for your birthday or Christmas, a PotteryBarn eGift Card is always a great option. If you don’t have a store nearby or would rather browse online, the nice thing is that the online selection is bigger than what’s in stores.

Alyssa Zandi is a blogger for GiftZip.

About is a portal to the web's eGift cards promoting greener gift giving and reducing the use of wasteful plastic.