2012 Summer Must-Have…Nots

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Summer is already in full swing, and we know you’re just itching to know what the hottest clothing trends are for this sunny season so far. Well, we can’t tell you that, but what we can tell you are some of the major summer FAILS. Get ready.

1. Gigantic Foam Cowboy Hats

Let’s face it, whether they’ve been spotted at carnivals, concerts, or parties, you’ve seen these. They’re obnoxious, but in the event that you do spot someone wearing one, take advantage of the shade provided by the large obnoxious brim. Your skin will thank you.

2. American Flag Shorts

It’s fine to be patriotic, but the shorts are taking it a little too far. ‘Merica.

3. Socks and Sandals

This one always has to be repeated. Being a shoobie is not in style. If you want to wear socks, wear shoes. If you want to wear sandals or your flippy floppies, bare feet. Unless you’re a hippie from Portland. Then it’s okay.

4. Jorts

If you’re a girl, jean shorts are okay. If you’re a man, then no. Just no.

5. Shutter Shades

Not only are they for “bros,” sans lenses, do they even protect your eyes? Probably not. Spare your corneas from being burned to oblivion and buy a real pair of sunglasses.

6. Fast Food Shirts

Again, we are forced to say no. Just no.

7. Crocs

Unless you’re gardening, wading in the water, working in the ER, or something else (even we can’t think of another appropriate occasion), you don’t need crocs. “But they’re comfy.” We’re sure they are, but they also are hideous for everyday wear.

8. UGGs and Shorts/Skirts

We like UGGs. They are comfortable. And warm. And appropriate to wear. WHEN IT’S COLD. Unless you surf, put them away when the snow melts.

9. Bathing Suits in Inappropriate Places

Unless you want to end up on People of Walmart, no one wants to see the goods at the grocery store.

10. Ice Cream All Over

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! We do, really. But if you’re gonna eat it, eat it quick, ‘cause wearing it is not attractive.

11. Crazy Tan Lines/Being Too Tan

Regardless of what you choose to wear this summer, remember the importance of sunscreen. There’s nothing less cool than looking like leather at the age of 30. Sure, everyone loves a healthy summer glow, but there’s a line between bronze and baked.

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