The Gift of Giving: Help Us Select a Charity To Donate $100 To

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We recently heard about a little girl named Ella who loved her puppy more than anything in the world. Ella was turning 5 years old and decided that in lieu of gifts, she would ask her party-goers to donate to the Humane Society in her name to help all the puppies who weren’t as lucky as hers. With the help of Charity Choice gift cards, this month, we are striving to be a bit more like Ella. We are offering our fans and followers the chance to make a difference in their community or to support a cause they find near and dear to their heart. Where would you donate? Tell us.

Ella, Age 5

What meaning does gift giving hold? Most often, we give our loved ones gifts to tangibly express that we care, appreciate, and are thinking about them. With the bombardment of birthdays, holidays, and other occasions where gift giving is “required”, it can be easy to lose sight of the meaning behind this gesture.

During the month of March, with the help of CharityChoice, we want to help remind individuals of the meaning behind gift giving by offering you all the gift of giving.  CharityChoice Gift Cards allows individuals to donate their hard earned dollars to a cause that a family, friend, or loved one finds to be near and dear to their heart.

A little bit more about CharityChoice Gift Cards…

CharityChoice Gift Cards was born in 2004 when Mark Finkel, a board member of our nonprofit organization, wanted to make a charity donation in memory of the recently-deceased father of a business associate. Not knowing what cause was important to the family, he wished to give a charitable gift that allowed the recipient to designate the charity of his/her choice.

Certainly, he thought, such a service for a meaningful gift – allowing the recipient to choose the charity – would be readily available. However, an Internet search wasn’t fruitful in solving Mark’s dilemma. Our next board meeting became the springboard for the website you are visiting today, only two months after it was envisioned!

Our CharityChoice Gift Cards indeed provide a way for all of us to elevate how we do our gift-giving. We hope that we will now make it possible for everyone to add a charitable dimension to their special occasion; by giving a charity gift, whenever …meaningful matters.

Ways To Give

Share Your Story

Gifts need not have a monetary value to be special. In fact, the most important gifts we will receive in life are the people and experiences that shape who we are and touch our lives in a significant way. Share your stories with us on Facebook and inspire others to do good and be thankful.


  • Your stories of people who are making a difference and giving back in their community
  • Your experiences volunteering or helping others
  • The greatest gift you’ll ever receive
  • A personal story about a special and invaluable gift you received
  • An inspiring story about giving
  • A time when you or someone you know made a selfless sacrifice

We will be featuring our favorites on our blog for others to read and enjoy.

Help Us Select Which Charity To Donate $100 To

We will be donating $100 to a charity of your choosing in the name of one of our followers or fans. You can participate in the process by:

  • Twitter: Tweet at us telling us where you would donate it.
  • Facebook: Write on our Facebook wall sharing where and why you think the donation should go.

For a full list of charity options, visit CharityChoice here.

Spread The Word

Remind your friends and family the meaning behind gift giving and inspire others to give back. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, or shout-it from the front porch. The choice is yours. Use the share buttons at the bottom to help us get more people involved in our Gift of Giving campaign.

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