3 Valentine’s Day Gift Cards That Won’t Get You Dumped

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Valentine’s Day is marked by the increase in hues of pink and red, soppy heart-shaped treats, and believe it or not, break-ups. According to a Facebook study conducted by David McCandless and a report by Tres Sugar, each year the number of break-ups spikes from January all the way to Spring. To help you avoid getting kicked to the curb on cupid’s big day, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of eGift cards to print that should ensure lovers’ bliss.

3 Gift Cards That Won’t Get You Dumped

1. Spa Gift Certificate

Every girl needs a little R&R once in a while. (Okay, maybe once than ONCE in a while!), so Health & Wellness Gift Cards by SpaWeek should be received well. Services include manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, massages, and more.

Do your sweetie a favor and check to see if there are locations near her. If you really want to go the extra mile (You can do it.), print out the list and highlight the locations on her route to the gym, work, or home. She’ll appreciate that you took the time to make the process convenient for her.

We’re getting a little sales pitchy here, but since they are running a special we should we’d mention it. Gift Cards are 10% until February 14th so save yourself a little dough too.

Coupon: “Happy Valentine’s Day! Get 10% off! Discount applied in shopping cart.”

Insider Info: If you can’t drop the big bucks or would rather grab a gift card for yourself, we are giving away a $100 Health & Wellness SpaWeek Gift Card in time for Valentine’s Day in our LOVE LETTER SWEEPSTAKES on Facebook! Shameless plug. Details here.

2. Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway should prevent you from singing the single blues come February 15th. A Gift Certificate to BedandBreakfast.com will allow for you to select a destination together from one of B&B’s 4,000+ locations in U.S. & Canada. No expiration or fees and no blackout dates.

Now until February 14th, B&B.com is offer 10% gift cards a free box of Godiva chocolates to sweeten the deal. Order early so you have your additional treats in time.

Save 10% + Get Free Godiva Chocolates!

3. Event Tickets

There’s nothing a gal loves more than getting dolled up or down to hit up a concert, Broadway play, or sporting event. A night out on the town or day at the stadium is the ideal gift for someone who enjoys spending time with you (We’re assuming they think you’re okay since you’ve nabbed them as your Valentine.). Choose from plays, sporting events, comedians, concerts, and more. Although giving a gift certificate to TicketsNow runs the risk of seeming impersonal, you can make it more unique by printing out the events you had considered and circling the ones you thought looked the most interesting. Tell your gal you wanted to decide together which event would be the most enoyable for you both.

3 Gift Certificates That You Should Avoid at All Costs

Tired of being tied down? Want to live the single life on the soppiest Hallmark holiday of the year? Well, then we’ve got the cure for your cabin fever that will leave you doing cupid’s shuffle all the way to the dog house. Check out our 3 Gift Certificates that will pretty much guarantee a strained relationship.

1. A Diet System or Weight Loss Plan Gift Certificate

I don’t think we need to explain this one.

2. A Gym Membership

Nothing says “You Are Special” like letting your honey know you feel as though it would be in their best interest to hit the gym. You may just think you are urging your lady to live a healthy lifestyle, but Valentine’s Day is not the optimal time to go all Livestrong on her butt.

3. A Gift Certificate to that Shady Looking Chinese Restaurant Down The Street

Mur. This illustrates a lack of effort. She doesn’t even like Chinese that much and even if she did, she doesn’t want to eat at that one star joint. Steer clear of giving gifts that make it appear as though you forgot her or didn’t put much thought into picking something out. If her idea of “camping” is staying at a Holiday Inn or if she’d rather hunt for a killer pair of Mary-janes than hike up a mountain, Valentine’s Day is not the time to try to lobby for your hobbies.

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