Getting Creative With eGift Card Giving

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Making Gift Card Giving Inexpensive, Easy, & Personal

Every season is gift-giving season. Birthdays, housewarming, Holiday parties. There are seemingly endless occasions popping up on calendars that require you purchase a gift. We’re all in search of ways to save time and money, and still deliver a meaningful and unique gift. We’re partial to gift cards, but we often hear concerns that a gift card will come off as impersonal so we’ve compiled a couple of ideas to help you avoid impersonal gift card gifts and to save you precious time and resources. Here’s a couple creative and thoughtful eGift card ideas we whipped up for your viewing pleasure.

1. Movie Date (Fandango Bucks Gift Certificate)

Looking for gifts, but shopping on a budget? We feel your frugality. The Movie Date combo is a simple, yet sure-to-be-appreciated gift for friends and family of all ages. This eGift card is ideal for couples, young adults, family friends, or coworkers. Want it to be for the whole family? Add a few more Fandango Bucks to cover the wee ones too.

Buy it now:

Total Price: $18-$25 (per package)

For: This works great as a gift for couples or young adults

The eGift Card: Fandango Bucks Gift Certificates

How To: Print out $15 to $20 (more if you want to include the kids) in Fandango Bucks with a personal message.

Pair it with movie theater popcorn and candy, think Raisinettes, Milkduds, or Sour Patch Kids. Grab a couple plastic popcorn bowls (retro-style ones available at your local dollar store) or a $5 DVD from the Target checkout line.

Feedback: I did this last Christmas for my older brothers and their wives and they loved it. Because they both have young children, I offered my babysitting services for the night that they wanted to go out on the town. This gift ensures that your loved ones will have some “me” time thanks to you.

2. Night Out On The Town ( Gift Certificate):

Everyone loves a night off of kitchen duties. A gift of good food and family time is the perfect route to go around the holiday season when the hustle and bustle leaves families on the go constantly. Not only does a gift certificate come at a discounted price to you, it allows your pals and family to use their gift when is most convenient for them.

Buy it now

Price: $25-$40

For: This works great as a gift for couples, parents, grandparents, adult children, or coworkers.

The eGift Card: $50 for $25. (Value: $50, You pay: $25)

How To: Enter your area code into the directory. Find a restaurant you’re interested in or print out a $50 generic Gift Certificate.

Pair it with a bottle of wine or a handmade coupon for babysitting.

Feedback: never fails. The discount is extraordinary and it is a gift that we ensure everyone will use and love.

3. Book Worm (Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate):

Have a pal or relative who always has their face shoved in a book? Whether you’re buying for an avid reader, aspiring chef, photographer or something completely off the wall, a Barnes & Noble eGift card will ensure that everyone gets what they want.

Buy it now:

Price: $25-$27

For: This gift is a great idea for men, women, and young adults.

The eGift Card: $25 to Barnes & Noble

How To: Print out a $25 eGift card to Barnes & Noble.

Pair it with a fun, funny, or pretty bookmark.

Feedback: We heart Barnes & Noble for their selection and shipping polices. This makes a fabulous gift that will inspire your loved ones to get their read on.

4. DIY Gift (The Home Depot Gift Certificate).

Know a couple renovating their home, a family into do it yourself projects, or friends who spend a lot of time in their backyard? We got you covered.

Buy it now:

Price: $25-$50

For: Couples and families

The eGift Card: $50 to Home Depot

How To: Print out a $50 gift certificate to Home Depot.

Pair it with a box of nails, a bedazzled pink hammer, a grilling apron, a flower bulb, or a bag of seeds.

The Result: A gift that will allow your friends and loved ones to tackle home projects and encourage them to get outside.

Feedback: The Home Depot has a variety of products for the home and garden. When paired with a fun little trinket, a Home Depot eGift card becomes an instant success.

5. Entertainment (StubHub Gift Certificate):

Everyone appreciates the gift of entertainment. The beauty of StubHub is that your loved ones will be able to find awesome seats, at a discounted price from their secure platform. Most tickets come with a virtual delivery option, which allows the recipient to print the tickets from home. The best part is that StubHub has something for every family member including tickets to Broadway plays, kids’ shows, major concerts, and sporting events.

Buy it now:

Price: $50

For: This gift is a great idea for families, couples, and young adults.

The eGift Card: $50 to StubHub

How To: Print out a $50 eGift card to StubHub.

Pair it with a printed out list of concerts, plays, and sporting events available in their area. Want something more personal? Highlight the ones you think they would like best.

The Result: An awesome night of entertainment that they are sure to remember and cherish.

Have some creative eGifting ideas of your own? Please comment and share!

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