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Top 5 Reasons To Give eGift Cards Over Traditional Plastic Gift Cards

October 5th, 2010

Gift cards are on the top of everyone’s wish lists.┬áDespite their desirable status, traditional plastic gift cards can be limiting, wasteful, and easily lost. So, the next time you plunge into your wallet to purchase a gift card for a friend or a loved one, remember these 5 reasons why it might be best stay at home in your bunny slippers and give a virtual eGift card instead.

  1. Go Green. eGift cards provide shoppers and recipients with a paperless option for gift giving, promoting greener practices and reducing the use of PVC. Each year, 75 million lbs of PVC ends up in landfills due to plastic gift card waste. For more information on the harmful effects of traditional gift cards, be sure to read our Our Vision.
  2. Never Lose a Gift Again. eGift cards ensure that gift cards cannot be lost, allowing recipients or senders to reprint or resend a gift card whenever necessary.
  3. Shop From Home or On The Go. eGift Cards allow individuals to shop from the convenience of home or on the go, making it the ideal gift for the bustling holiday season or any time.
  4. Save Time & Money. A $25 eGift card will cost you $25 dollars, ensuring you will not have to pay convenience fees. Additionally, eGift cards can be delivered by e-mail, saving you the time and money that packaging and shipping requires.
  5. Select from Hundreds of Retailers. The eGift card portal has over a hundred retailers to choose from, assuring that you will find several desirable retailers tailored to your needs and that you are not limited by the constraints of one store, mall, or area code.

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